@ Medicom Global Healthcare Solutions, we are constantly working on ideas that can bring about a better healthcare solutions to all our clients/Patients in Nigeria.

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Medical Healthcare

We handle every part of your journey, allowing you to focus on healing. Our Medical Tourism Service allows anyone seeking medical treatment anywhere in the world with less stress and paperwork.

Our Motives

We are a global leader in healthcare management, offering you and your family the most transparent and direct access to high quality healthcare options worldwide.

Connecting You with the Right Care

Through our global network, we connect you with trustworthy doctors and service providers to meet your specific needs.

Book Your Medical Travel with Confidence

We guide every aspect of planning for your health journey. From paperwork and procedure scheduling to learning about the culture of your treatment destination, we prepare you for what to expect during your medical travel.

24/7 Local Support As You Travel

From the moment you arrive to your final meeting with your doctor and departure, we provide local support so your medical journey is smooth and your experience positive. You can choose from various levels of support, including language assistance.

Follow-up Assistance

The end of your travel doesn’t mean the end of your care. We follow up after you return home to make sure you are healing well, receiving the right clinical oversight for your condition, and that any remaining paperwork and billing are taken care of.

About Us

Medicomonline is an out-bound medical tourism facilitation company based in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. We also operate by giving quotes online and conducting telemedicine  and diagnostic video calls for international patients from any part of the world. @Medicomonline Global Healthcares Solutions, we provide local as well as facilitate international medical care. We work with various government agencies, non-profit organization and other corporate healthcare planners to fashion out modalities to reduce cost of treatement in our various affiliated clinics and hospitals all around the world.

Hospital Facility


Azriel Premier Hospital

Plot AHE 35, AMAC Housing Estate, Abuja FCT Nigeria


Comfort During Stay, TV in room, Private rooms, Free Wifi, Phone in Room, Mobility accessible rooms, Family accommodation, Laundry, Welcome, and many more.